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Our mission is to spread goodwill by highlighting good humanitarian work with no bias. We don't make make you a Global Goodwill Ambassador we recognise you as one.

 As your next Prime Minister; I shall continue to stand firm on behalf of all citizens of Canada and strive to make Canada a place where our fundamental rights are observed; where all citizens can freely participate and contribute progressively and substantially to our sociopolitical, economic, cultural, spiritual, and religious decision making process affecting our daily lives, our families and our children.

Writers Capital Foundation. Being an international non-profit, non-political, and non-religious literary organisation the principal aim and objective of Writers Capital International Foundation is to reinforce values for humanity. We aim to bring writers across the world under a single umbrella to share each other their experiences, expertise and to further inspire their caliber that could be applied thus helping them to brighten up their future.

Each ‘degree’ of the Knights of Columbus is associated with a particular virtue, the fourth being “Patriotism”. Consequently, the 4th Degree is often known as ‘The Patriotic Degree’.

My name is Raphael Louis, and I'm committed to making your voice heard on Parliament Hill and in Government. Like you, I want to play an active role in making my community and country a safer, better place to run my business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promises and opportunities for everyone. If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our families, our communities, and our country. 2014 marks a significant phase of the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) political campaigns nationwide and worldwide.

“An Interfaith Dialogue for Peace and Security” is a milestone in interfaith research and teaching. It brings acceptance and more in-depth understanding of various religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs. This publication also serves as a reference material for doctoral student, professors, scholars, academic institutions, teachers; and anyone interested in furthering understanding of world religions.

As our Party continues to grow and our mission progresses uprightly and steadily; I encourage everyone to continue to support us by purchasing a membership plan; because members play a vitally significant role in achieving our goals and objectives. Keeping constantly in mind you are the reason the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) is established and shall continue to tirelessly working on behalf of all Canadians, regardless of your country of origin, gender, social and corporate status, age, ethnicity, religious belongings. The National Coalition Party of Canada offers everyone the opportunity to once again unite around the noble ideals of our Constitution. The only recipe for peace, prosperity and progress in this country, is the formation of a National Coalition Government that will honor the aspirations of the people of this great Nation and the adherence to the provisions of our Constitution.

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Raphael Louis campaigned in the Ontario general election under NOTA Direct Democracy Party of Ontario for the Nepean riding. The Ontario general election of 2018 was held on June 7 to elect the 124 members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario. Nepean is a provincial electoral district that has existed from 1987 to 1999, and again since 2018. The riding was re-created federally with the 2012 redistribution process. That same process was followed by the Ontario government, meaning the provincial ridings follow a similar boundary division for the 2018 provincial election.

What Leaders Should Know about E-Government? Globalisation and the advancement of Information Communication Technology (ICT) have changed the world that we live in. Because of this phenomenon, this has forced governments around the world to change in becoming more active in the deployment of digital services to its citizens and businesses. 

Your paramount support, contribution and assistance remain the blueprint of our ongoing successes in advancing pluralist democracy, political transparency, human rights, civil rights, social justice and peace. The opposition does not rest, and the socio-humanitarian challenges that Canadian citizens are enduring clearly demonstrate that socioeconomic, political, and judicial reforms must be attained.

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A new economic order for global prosperity: The New International Economic Order (NIEO) was a set of proposals put forward during the 1970s by some developing countries through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development to promote their interests by improving their terms of trade, increasing development assistance, developed country tariff reductions, and other means. 

My core  values and fundamental Beliefs 

Family comes first
Integrity and Dignity matter
Justice must prevail
Service above self
Honesty is a given
Humility is a gift
Bipartisanship is a must

Democracy and Freedom

Human Rights and Civil Rights