Complete and absolute authority is vested in the Leader of our Party, elected in accordance with the Canada Election Act as required by Elections Canada political standards and obligation of political parties. 

WHEREAS,  the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) is a political organization, one of whose fundamental purpose is to participate in public affairs by endorsing one or more of its members as Member of Parliament (MP) Candidates and supporting their election, in ac accordance and adherence with the Canada Elections Act (S.C. 2000, c. 9).

WHEREAS, the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) as an organized group of citizens, human beings, with similar political aims, beliefs, principles and values; seek to shape public policy by getting its candidates elected to public office, the Parliament of Canada.  

 WHEREAS, the party leader is responsible for managing the party's relationship with the general public insofar; and as such, the  leader will take the leading role in developing and communicating and translating the party’s policy, especially the party’s electoral platform to the electorate and constituents, the media, and the general public.

 WHEREAS, the leader competes directly for political office in Canadian parliamentary system of government; seeking to become Prime Minister, and, if/or when elected, to simultaneously serve as the party's parliamentary leader.

WHEREAS, the leader provides sound leadership, insightful wisdom and substantial guidance and will subsequently strive to lead the party towards much greater heights and sustainable political achievement.

WHEREAS, this mutual bond provides the most favorable relationship environment in which to protect the best interests of the party, leading all party officials and officers and staff to achieve the party’s goals, their fullest potentials, subsequently making their contribution to the overall success of the party’s objectives, mandate and mission.

WHEREAS, the leader provides sound motivational leadership, translating and communicating the party’s vision so that everyone may clearly understand and believe and support such vision, hereinafter ensuring the day-to-day tasks are happening as they should.

WHEREAS, the leader defines and exhibits sound judgment, strong leadership characteristics, high moral values and ethical courage; acting as a national and global role model; setting forth great example for everyone in the party, and teach leadership skills, moving the party from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future thereinafter.      

WHEREAS, the leader through the very best evidence-based policy, develop as it should be; by listening and analyzing public and party’s policies with authentic empathy, political strength in order to articulate and implement such policies in an inclusive and effective way that results in real positive socio-democratic and sociopolitical change for the betterment of Canada, Canadian Cit
izens, and other residents of Canada, and for humanity as a whole.

WHEREAS, the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) is a group of dedicated, committed and passionate citizens and human beings, uniting in the same spirit, to contest and to win elections and to hold power in government; and agree on the party’s policies, its platform, projects and programs for greater good of society with a view and understanding to promote the collective wellbeing of all, and to further the party’s supporters and constituents' interest altogether. As such;

“The emergence of a Popular Nationalism Political Movement is taking place in Canada through the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC). There are two main perspectives on the origins and basis of nationalism. One is the primordial perspective that describes nationalism as a reflection of the ancient belief perceived by evolutionary tendency of humans and citizens to organize into distinct groupings. The other is the modernist perspective that describes nationalism as a recent political phenomenon that requires the structural conditions of modern society and sustainable government reform through the democratic political process.

In terms of historical political development; inconsistency between institutional governmental system, the people, and civil societies has resulted in a situation of anomie that nationalists and nationalism seek to resolve, correct, change, improve and reform for the purpose of the well-being and greater good of the people within the nation in which they live and abide. Our Party is the only Party in Canada which main platform is established on the principles of individual freedom, social responsibility, equality, social justice, economic opportunity for everyone, humane principles;  people-caring through civil rights and human rights. The party is strongly and amazingly continues to gain a significant amount of national and international support as it continues to achieve its political mission.
The Party’s ideology combines freedom with responsibility and democracy. Our basic and fundamental values are centered on education, fiscal balance, healthcare reform, employment security, tolerance, youth leadership, children wellbeing, fairness, gender equality, indigenous inclusiveness; rewarding and caring, private business, civil and corporate society. The party also values multiculturalism and diversity. Our political mission has been shaped by ideas of social reform and social justice which have all contributed to the current ideology. The party's Women's agenda also works to strongly bring women together and focuses on improving gender equality in Canada and around the world. It believes that women and men must have the same opportunities and rights to come to life, grow up, receive education, and participate freely in public and global affairs.”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED,we hereby adopt this Resolution and decision as a formal and traditional expression of the fundamental beliefs and goodwill of the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) organs and officers, and their subsidiaries as a national and international political entity, in accordance with its Constitution, Code of Ethics, Rules and Procedures; with the purpose is to appoint “H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis” whom is inducted as the party’s leader, and representing the party under his natural and legal name: “Raphael Louis.”

that the authentic nature of this resolution determines that we will remain steadfast in our efforts to promote the party’s fundamental beliefs, values, ethics and principles, as prescribed by Elections Canada rules and procedures, in accordance with the Canada Elections Act, and as such, adopted by the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) Leadership Protocols.

this resolution is adopted as NCPC Resolution (NCPC/RES/2016/04), made in good faith and conceived in good will, for the greater good of Canada and humanity as a whole.

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 Causes Raphael cares about:

Animal Welfare
Arts and Culture
Children's Rights  and Gender Equity
Civil Rights and Social Action
Economic Empowerment
Education Reform
Environmental Protection
Healthcare Reform
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
Political Change and Human Rights
Poverty Alleviation
Science and Technology
Social Services

Professional Profile
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The Leader nominates the necessary leaders for the various spheres of work of the Party’s direction, the Party apparatus, manifesto, and the overall administration.

The Leader shapes the collective will within the party itself and he helps formulate the political agenda.

The Leader unites all the means of political direction; it extends into all fields of national life; diplomacy, human rights, and government, and embraces the entire people in loyalty, wisdom. integrity and obedience. The authority of the Leader is free and independent, all-inclusive, and unlimited.

The Leader is the Leader of the Canadian people, and may represent himself as Prime Minister Candidate upon the recognition that as elected Leader, with enough seats to form a government, the Leader becomes the Prime Minister, per electoral laws.

Thus, The Leader is the head of the Party, who in his personality embodies the idea which sustains all and whose spirit, mind and will therefore animate the entire country.

The Leader’s behavior, character, and conduct in societies, locally, nationally, and internationally must reflect the party’s protocols as a role model, person of good-judgement, moderator, diplomat, and peacekeeper.

The Leader enforces Collective Decision through Executive Orders in consultation with Advisors, Directors, and Executives, or through a Secret Ballot election.

The Leader develops strategies to advance our political movement, draft policies, membership development and growth, fundraising campaigns, organize rallies, delivering press conferences, public speaking events, ensuring the successful achievement of the Party’s short-term and long-term goals and objectives.

The Leader pledges allegiance to GOD; in accordance with the preamble of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, where the introductory sentence to the Constitution of Canada's Charter of Rights and Constitution Act, 1982, it reads;

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”

The Leader respects the Constitution of Canada as the Will and Voice of all Canadians and legal residents and; is the supreme law in Canada. The Leader also delegates complete responsibility on all party leaders for their respective spheres of activity. The responsibility for all tasks within a major sphere of authority rests with the respective the district leader for the territory of the district, the local leader for the constituency of the local group, etc.

The Leader has responsibility under his authority, on the one hand, and on the other hand, his own political fields of activity appertaining thereto. This responsibility for the complete or impartial performance of task entails a relationship of leadership of the leaders among themselves, corresponding to the Leader’s principle.

Leader's Oath of Office

I do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully and truthfully uphold the duties of my responsibility as The Leader of our Political Party to the best of my ability and my loyalty. I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this role as The Leader;

                                           So help me God

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Raphael Louis - Leader


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His Chivalric and Executive achievement is notably outstanding. He has recently been awarded and honored as Sir Knight (SK) by the Knights of Columbus, the Color Corps and Patriotic Degree (KoC), White Knight Prior, and Knight Commander for British Columbia Canada by the Order of Saint Paul, for his devotion to passionately advocating for the socially under-represented members of our global family as a passionate of Social Justice Advocate.

Raphael Louis’ track record of political and humanitarian achievements and accomplishments are notable throughout a longstanding concern for a better world. His sociopolitical and leadership campaigns began in the late 1990 for which he has gained insightful knowledge of sociopolitical issues affecting the Canadian multilevel societies, and has also developed the brilliance, intelligence, magnetism, charisma and  the personal characteristics of a true visionary national and world Leader.
Raphael Louis holds two Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Community Development at Saint Peter and Saint Paul College and University for his lifetime humanitarian achievement, and Doctor of Humanitarian Services (Honoris Causa)  at the World organization of Natural Medicine (WONM), Certificates in E-Government and Knowledge Management in Government from the United Nations (UN); and is a Keynote Speaker, Civil Rights, Human and Minority Rights Expert; Leader, President/CEO, acclaimed Prime Minister of Canada Candidate for 2020, and appointed Ambassador of InterNations for Victoria, whereas a global expat community based in Europe. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis is also a globally renowned Expert in various sociopolitical fields from numerous global reputable institutions.
His passion for social justice, civil rights and human rights inspired him to create and establish the Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities (FAAVM) which became an officially registered NGO and Non-profit Corporation in 2002. Raphael Louis also founded the Civil Rights Party of Canada (CRP) in 2010; which later became the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) in 2014; focusing on the basis of nationalism and internationalism, and sustainable reform through the democratic process.
If I had influence over the minds of the people of Canada, any power over their intellect, I would leave them this legacy: ‘Whatever you do, adhere to the Union. We are a great country, and shall become one of the greatest in the universe if we preserve it; we shall sink into insignificance and adversity if we suffer it to be broken.’ God and nature made the two Canada's one—let no fractious men be allowed to put them asunder. – 

Sir John A. Macdonald

1st Prime Minister of Canada

Raphael Louis grew up as a child in the most impoverished communities in Haiti. His life as a youth was deeply impacted by various socio-cultural, artistic, spiritual, environmental and political phenomena within Haitian societies. He arrived in the United States of America (U.S.A) in May of 1992, and immigrated in Canada in September of 1993 as a refugee, for having co-produced a movie-documentary, while working at a local television station.
Family comes first
Integrity and Dignity matter
Justice must prevail
Service above self
Honesty is a given
Humility is a gift
Bipartisanship is a must

Democracy and Freedom

Human Rights and Civil Rights