My name is Raphael Louis, and I'm committed to making your voice heard on Parliament Hill and in Government. Like you, I want to play an active role in making my community and country a safer, better place to run my business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promises and opportunities for everyone. If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our families, our communities, and our country. 

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The NCPC Youth Leadership Programis created and elaborated upon as a theory of youth development and growth in which young people gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead civic engagement, education reform, government, businesses and community organizing activities. This is a unique platform created to foster dialogue and generate partnerships between exceptional youth locally, regionally and globally.

A Call to Action: Challenges Facing Global Youth
NCPC believes that youth, as civil society activists, have the power to be significant agents of positive change. Today's students may not realize it, but they belong to the largest peer group in history. This global "youth bulge" of more than 1.2 billion faces economic and social challenges which many young people are ill-equipped to tackle, according to a new report from the International Youth Foundation. Helping prepare this unprecedented number of 15- to 24-year-olds for a more productive future will require better access to education and expanded opportunities to develop essential career and entrepreneurial skills.

Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship
Youth unemployment is not only a problem in developing countries: young people all around the world face the challenges of unemployment and underemployment. The global youth unemployment rate was at 13.1 per cent in 2013, meaning that 74.5 million young people are out of work. Also, youth are more likely to be engaged in informal employment compared to older workers and transitions to decent work are slow and difficult.

International Peace and Security

The NCPC works to maintain international peace and security in a world where security threats have become more complex. The line has become increasingly blurred between hostile groups and peace spoilers, including extremists with transnational strategies and sophisticated tactics. The breakdown of the State security apparatus in intra-State and inter-communal conflicts now poses tremendous security challenges. In carrying out its work, the Council will undertake a wide range of consultations The Council will be supported by a Resource Group of leading experts which is to provide advice to the Council on technical and other issues.

        Solutions to Society’s Economic Imbalances
The standard Canadian socioeconomic status has historically been that high disparities raise a moral question about fairness and social justice. Amidst all this are impoverishment, unemployment and destitution. How can anyone think of spending money on education, when they do not have money for food and shelter? However, education is the remedy for all these societal ills that plague our society. Education is the only means that can open up the doors that lead to employment, and through it food, shelter and better quality of life. Therefore, providing free education to the deserving ensures that at least the future generation can step through these doors to a better standard of living.

Greater socioeconomic advantage focusing on learning
Although scholarships are intended for the disadvantaged few, the disadvantaged aren’t just few. Scholarships help only a handful, for others providing free education would come as a great relief. Providing free education would enable students to concentrate on learning and gaining more through the education, instead of struggling with the payment of tuition fees and meeting other expenses. When the focus shifts to learning, it leads to empowerment of the youth to work towards an increasingly intellectual and a well educated society and a nation as a whole.

Improving quality of life through free post-secondary and higher education
Free education can only lead to more educated people. More educated people in the society leads to overall improvement in the quality of life in the country. Through better employment and elimination of the struggle for basic needs, people would concentrate on the higher aspects of life, such as improving administration and management of issues that impact the society in general. Therefore free education would have a very positive impact on the overall quality and thinking in the society.

              Better governance and leadership
More educated people would mean better governance from the grassroots, local, to the national level. Educated people would make better choices in electing their representatives and are better equipped to question corruption and misuse of power by elected officials. Therefore, education is not only the solution for socioeconomic disparities, but also the remedy for the societal dysfunctional that plagues our administration and governments.

As our Party continues to grow and our mission progresses uprightly and steadily; I encourage everyone to continue to support us by purchasing a membership plan; because members play a vitally significant role in achieving our goals and objectives. Keeping constantly in mind you are the reason the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) is established and shall continue to tirelessly working on behalf of all Canadians, regardless of your country of origin, gender, social and corporate status, age, ethnicity, religious belongings.
After 30 years of a tireless devoted life helping to improve humankind standards of living through adequate human rights and civil rights knowledge sharing, organizing socio-political, humanitarian and multicultural activities within various communities at the local and international levels; I pledge to continue to be committed to making Canada the Nation that each and every Canadian Citizen has been dreaming for; a Canada where basic and fundamental rights are observed and protected through sustainable government.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.   "Article 1 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) "

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

Advancing Sustainable Renewable Energy Solutions - Energy from renewable resources such as wind, water, the sun, biomass and geothermal.

New and renewable sources of energy have received a great deal of attention since the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power not only produce minimal carbon emissions once generating systems are in place, they also help reduce poverty through improved energy access in underserved areas. Energy from renewable sources currently accounts for five percent of global energy supply. Though the use of renewable energy is increasing faster than any other resource stream, widespread adoption is constrained by a multitude of policy, regulatory and financial challenges.  

The National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) works with governments, civil societies and environmental groups at their request, on renewable energy policies and strategies at the national and global levels. NCPC also works to organize seminars and forums, in order to exchange experiences on the production and use of renewable energy sources.

NCPC Renewable Policy Framework provides a forum for national and international leadership on renewable energy. Its goal is to bolster policy development for the rapid expansion of renewable energies in developing and industrialized economies. Open to a wide variety of dedicated stakeholders, NCPC networks and connects governments, international institutions, non-governmental organizations, industry associations, and other partnerships and initiatives. We also work to bring together experts in sustainable renewable energy development, and inspire sustainable action by highlighting the voices and actions of public and private sector leaders who are taking direct action.

Main Activities

  • Consult with key Government Ministries and Civil Societies;
  • Facilitate a workshop with key Government Ministries and Civil Societies;
  • Prepare the basic document and policy outline for national consultation;
  • Identify Stakeholders for consultation;
  • Organize workshops;
  • Update basic policy document incorporating validated stakeholder input;
  • Prepare final document of a long-term sustainable national energy policy framework delivered to the Government of Canada.

Expected Impact

  • Generation of awareness on renewable energy, its upside from an environmental, economic and social point of view and the national potential and climate change impact;
  • Increased information on the importance and economics of energy efficiency;
  • Production of a proposal to the Government of Guatemala of a sustainable long-term energy policy prepared with multi-stakeholder participation;
  • Involvement of indigenous populations with workshops in native languages.

Investing in renewable energy creates jobs, fosters economic growth, and improves energy security for countries that lack domestic fossil fuel resources. Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution; insulate countries from fuel price volatility; and improve those countries' balance of payments.

At NATO’s 2012 Summit in Chicago, alliance members reinforced their collective commitment to Ballistic Missile Defense BMD
“We continue to be concerned by the increasing threats to our Alliance posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles…. The aim of this capability (as stipulated in Lisbon) is to provide full coverage and protection for all NATO European populations, territory and forces against the increasing threats posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles, based on the principles of indivisibility of Allied security and NATO solidarity, equitable sharing of risks and burdens…taking into account the level of threat, affordability and technical feasibility and in accordance with the latest common threat assessments agreed by the Alliance.” 

The NCPC Global Security Council (GSC) is created as a Think Tank focusing on Global Security and Canada’s international engagement in all its forms whereas diplomacy, the military, foreign aid and trade security. Established in 2015, GSC’s vision for Canada is to have a sustainable and influential voice in the international arena based a sound comprehensive foreign policy, which expresses our national interests, political and social values, military capabilities, economic strength and willingness to be engaged with action that is timely, efficient, sustainable and credible. 

With the support of NCPC Advisers, Community Leaders, Member of Parliament (MP) Candidates, Ambassadors and Volunteers  the Group is evolving into a more mobile and agile platform for democratic response, capable of rapidly deploying mediators and other political expertise to the field and cooperating more closely with regional organizations and civil societies at the frontlines of political representation. The Group has other important functions that also contribute directly to NCPC efforts to promote democracy, diplomacy and prevent domestic and global conflicts. These include the Group’s role in coordinating NCPC electoral assistance activities, and in providing staff support to the NCPC Leaders and other political bodies.
The National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) Special Interests Expert Group plays a central role in the Party’s efforts to represent everyone and all interest groups in Canada. The Group works to identify, monitor and assess national and global political developments with an eye to ensure everyone’s interests are democratically represented whether it is policy making or through government decision making processes. The Group provides close support to the Leader and Prime Minister Candidate and his team, as well as to NCPC political mission deployed to areas where groups are disproportionately underrepresented within the sphere of mainstream politics in Canada; with a mandate to help promote lasting democratic solutions for civil societies and government.
The National Coalition Party of Canada offers everyone the opportunity to once again unite around the noble ideals of our Constitution. The only recipe for peace, prosperity and progress in this country, is the formation of a National Coalition Government that will honor the aspirations of the people of this great Nation and the adherence to the provisions of our Constitution.

2014 marks a significant phase of the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) political campaigns nationwide and worldwide. Your paramount support, contribution and assistance remain the blueprint of our ongoing successes in advancing pluralist democracy, political transparency, human rights, civil rights, social justice and peace. The opposition does not rest, and the socio-humanitarian challenges that Canadian citizens are enduring clearly demonstrate that socioeconomic, political, and judicial reforms must be attained.

“Canada for All and All for Canada”
“Le Canada pour Tous et Tous pour le Canada”

Europe is now almost completely tuition free, while Canadian students are pinned under massive student loan debt. Which is the better system?

                   Benefits of Free Education
 In 2006, Germany started charging students for college and university tuition. The cost went up to about $630 a year when students were forced to take out loans to pay for tuition and living expenses. There were large protests, but Germany kept the policy in place. That’s when they eliminated all tuition fees, saying that they don’t want to discourage young adults from getting a higher education.

Canada has some of the highest costs in the world for university and college education, according to the Education at a Glance 2015 report. Student Loan debt in Canada cripples many graduates, especially those who are having a difficult time finding work.   We are on a crusade to make postsecondary education free of charge in Canada. And while Canada’s youth are strapped to a yoke of debt, what jobs are waiting for them? Internships? Service jobs? Entry Level positions? Certainly nothing that pays at a rate they will require just to meet their student loan payments, never mind silly things like rent and food. Canada itself suffers as we now have an economy with an entire class of people unable to participate and contribute into it. If people have no money, people can’t buy stuff can they?

In the words of Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is Power” Power to live a decent life, Power to earn a decent income, Power that brings you respect, integrity and dignity of a human being. Knowledge needs to be free for all those who seek and deserve it, and what a person deserves should be decided by an individual’s capability and intelligence. The best and simplest way to disseminate knowledge to all those who deserve it, is through free education. Making education free at all levels would only benefit our society, our youth, our nation and our economy.

Message of the Founder & Leader

H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis

Why Canada should participate in the Ballistic Missile Defense BMD program

Canada’s participation in Ballistic Missile Defense BMD is imperative for our homeland as a renewed commitment to contemporary collective defense and national security. The Council works to provide intelligence and counter-intelligence on enemy capabilities, missile defense system specifications and capabilities and the US-Canada plan on how the system will defend Canada and Canadian Citizens. It is this key information that is unavailable to Canadian defense planners and the government, which is vital for Canadian decision-makers to make a decision on what it might want or need to do to ensure the defense of Canada.

As your next Prime Minister; I shall continue to stand firm on behalf of all citizens of Canada and strive to make Canada a place where our fundamental rights are observed; where all citizens can freely participate and contribute progressively and substantially to our sociopolitical, economic, cultural, spiritual, and religious decision making process affecting our daily lives, our families and our children. As electors, when you go to the polls and cast your ballots to fulfilling your voting responsibilities, the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC)  understands that your votes represent your voice within the government.

NCPC Voices of Youth: Facing the global challenge on youth employment

Teens are often shut out of participation in politics because adults dominate the discourse. However, youth are also concerned and informed citizens who can advocate for change within their communities. Youth is an elastic category, the age at which it begins and ends varies within cultural contexts, but it is often a very distinct stage in a person’s life to which particular issues or policies are highly relevant. These may include politics, health, and social issues.

NCPC Youth Leadership Program Works to:

  • Enhance national capacity to develop gender-sensitive strategies for decent work for youth. 
  • Support the improvement and enforcement of rights at work for youth and implement employment and skills development programmes to ease the transition of disadvantaged youth to decent work.
  • Support institutional reforms for an enabling environment conducive to youth entrepreneurship, including access to markets, finance and other resources.
  • Strengthen mechanisms for promoting youth entrepreneurship, in particular for young women.

Furthermore, youth often face special difficulties and hindrances when establishing or developing their own businesses. For example, access to finance is often lacking: due to their perceived high lending risk and lack of collateral, young people often cannot access the credit needed.

Teach – Train – Transform

With the support of NCPC Advisers, Community Leaders, Member of Parliament (MP) Candidates, Ambassadors and Volunteers  the Group is evolving into a more mobile and agile platform for democratic response, capable of rapidly deploying mediators and other political expertise to the field and cooperating more closely with regional organizations and civil societies at the frontlines of political representation. The Group has other important functions that also contribute directly to NCPC efforts to promote democracy, diplomacy and prevent domestic and global conflicts. These include the Group’s role in coordinating NCPC electoral assistance activities, and in providing staff support to the NCPC Leaders and other political bodies.
Democracy and Preventive Diplomacy